Interactions – Activations – Performance

BidHub the Premium Private Marketplace for Programmatic
Hybrid Cross Screen Activations. Utilizing proprietary
cross-media technology.

We create a seamless movement of budgets programmatically
from Desktop, MW, INAPP, CTV, and DOOH
. We maximize reach
across all digital channels with solutions based on machine learning
delivering unmatched optimization across all screens. presents a programmatic product suite that
allows consumers to engage in cross platform interactions for
agencies and brands.

Our programmatic video offering offers 99.9% viewable,
brand safe and fraud free impressions to in-market consumers
on their path to activations. Integrated with our CTV or DOOH program this can provide the final touch point in the
consumer’s journey.

BHX our in-house hybrid exchange across Desktop, MW, INAPP, CTV and DOOH

Our Programmatic Platform enables Brands and Agencies to reach their Target audiences throughout the global network of trusted supply partnerships. We are able to provide scalability and reach fill rate that is unmatched by others.

Supported by an innovative team of digital experts. BidHub is your choice for a trusted partnership with a company and team who know the industry. We understand the challenges that companies face in this digital advertising space.